Shot Of The Day. “Is It A…?”

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Saying something as bold as “I bet you can’t tell me what this is” on crankandpiston is just asking for trouble. And yet, we’re willing to bet that this will have stumped at least a few of you.

Is it perhaps the BMW M1 version 2.0? A confused Lamborghini Murciealgo? An early concept for the McLaren F1 that slipped through the net? Another Night Rider, or perhaps a development of the Batmobile.

Not quite. This is actually the Imperator 108i, a supercar hailing from German manufacturer Isdera of which only 30 were ever built between 1984 and 1993. Based on the Mercedes CW311 concept model, the Imperator received power from a W117 V8, enough for a 5s 0-100kph time and a 283kph top speed. Gullwing doors and a rear view periscope were not enough though to stop Isdera’s Imperator 108i sinking into obscurity.

Source – Daviel Stosca

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