Shot Of The Day. CTR Yellowbird x 3

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Chances are one or a couple of dozen of you have just gone rather lightheaded. First introduced in 1987, this mellow yellow trio currently sunning themselves in Bahrain were the product of German manufacturer Ruf Automobile GmbH.

Yes they do look rather like Porsche, but these colourful ladies were actually marketed as CTRs (Group C Turbo Ruf). Many an internet forum argument still rages concerning whether the CTR was based on the 1975 Porsche 930 or the 1987 911 Carrera S 3.2, but the 3.2l flat-six engine is another matter. Producing 469bhp, this meant a 0-100kph time of around 3.7s for the Yellowbird – no real explanation needed there – and rather spirited 340kph top speed.

Only 29 were built from scratch, each of which retailed for a pretty hefty $223,000. And that was 25 years ago. So you can just imagine the reaction to three of them, door handle-to-door handle.

Source – Teamspeed

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