See the new MG SUV through virtual tech

Fancy being one of the first to see MG’s new SUV?


You can explore the new MG GS via a virtual headset in Birmingham, this weekend.

The model hasn’t yet been previewed but the British manufacturer is giving customers a chance to be some of the first to see its new SUV model, using augmented reality technology.

For those who aren’t familiar with augmented reality, the technology is a way of superimposing virtual content into everyday surroundings. This can be achieved with any electronic device that has a screen and a camera. The device takes a photo of whatever you’re looking at and superimposes a 3D image onto it. You could be looking at a box that turns into a house or a new pair of shoes. In this instance, you can interact with the MG GS.

The event will take place this weekend (Friday April 1 to Sunday April 3) at the Gadget Show in Birmingham. The manufacturer will also take the technology to the first race in the Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) calendar, at Brands Hatch.

If you happen to miss those events, though, MG is planning a GS augmented reality tour in the near future.

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