Scalfaro DB4GTZ 1960 Spada. Made from an Aston Martin

Scalfaro DB4GTZ 1960 Spada Edition pays tribute to the beautiful Aston Martin DB4 GTZ from the early 1960s by including its doors in the design. Quite literally.


Late last year, we brought you a story on Scalfaro’s GTO 1962 Bizzarrini Edition, the 2509 examples of which not only celebrated the career of Giotto Bizzarrini but were actually constricted using parts of Pink Floyd legend Nick Mason’s own 250 GTO. No surprise each watch cost a mighty $10,600.

Apparently these classic car tributes prove a viable business model (who’d have thought?!), Scalfaro having unveiled a new watch based on the iconic DB4GTZ as a tribute to its designer, Ercole Spada. As well as the DB4 GTZ (and the 2VEV lightweight spec designed for racing), the Italian’s portfolio includes the Alfa Romeo 155, the Lancia Delta and the original Giulietta SZ. Suffice to say, Ol’ Spada knew what he was doing.


Fortunately, a pristine 1960s Zagato was not hacked to pieces to create the 370 limited edition timepieces, though aluminium fragments from the 2 VEV doors have been incorporated into the case. Take a close look at the face, and you’ll notice that Spada’s signature has made it onto the sapphire crystal alongside a silhouette of the classic machine.

As well as the fragments from the doors, Sclafaro has also lopped a chunk off the price. Don’t get too excited though, since you’ll still be paying the steep end of $9920 for one.

Source – Scalfaro

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