Rust Live. Volkswagen Beetle Meet. Curitiba

1240 Volkswagen owners descend on Curitiba’s capital city, Paraná, for the seventh annual Beetle Meet hosted by Rust Live.

Turns out Zion I (Coastin’ On A Dream, around the 30s mark) had a point, especially when we’re talking about the 1240 classic Volkswagen owners who made their way to Curitiba for the seventh annual Beetle Meet.

As you would expect from an event promoted by a group called Rust Live, you’ll be hard pushed to find slick 0-100kph times and 400+hp with most of the models on display. You will though find one or two hidden treasures. How many times do you see a 1950s Tempo Matador, for example?

At 2m 20s, just FYI.

Source –  Kombination

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