Road Race-T. 1927 LeMons Racer. BIG MUSCLE

BIG MUSCLE investigates a 1927 Road Race-T built for the 24 Hours of LeMons endurance race.


What happens if you take a lemon and add a little sugar? That is the question posed by Mike Musto from BIG MUSCLE who each week “travels the country with the goal of showcasing the best and baddest muscle cars and hot rods around”. We think Big Mike needs to start adding ‘bizarre’ and ‘surreal’ into that description as well. Especially when you check out the focus of this latest episode…

Taking a 1927 Ford Model T, dropping in a 1986 Mustang drivetrain and adding the front end off a Pinto is an extreme case of ‘only in America’. How is this thing even road legal? And how come it still weighs 2400lbs (1088kg) even though it has, well, nothing? And is it possible that Dennis “Fish” Newman and Dave Schaible – who built it – might be stretching the rules of the 24 Hours of LeMons endurance race? Is it cool? Is it a deathtrap? Actually, just WTF is it?

Don’t look at us for answers, we have no idea. This is BIG MUSCLE.

Source – DRIVE

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