Richard Thompson 3. Ford GT40 MkIV. The man can shoot

When it comes to cars, I can reel off facts and figures about most of the metal that falls under my eye. My knowledge for automotive photography can be compared to my skills with chopsticks, both are non-existent. That’s why we are lucky to have people like Richard Thompson 3 behind the lens.

Richardthompson3 Ford GT MkIV

“I am a car photographer because that’s what I love to do, and life’s too short to do anything but what you want to do.”

Phase One’s latest production sees Thompson heading out into the Los Angeles desert at sunrise to photograph an iconic Ford GT40 Mk4 Indy Car.

As the sunlight plays onto the GT40, Richard interchanges his zoom lenses, attempting to capture nature and machine. Even minute details do not escape the massive of light capturing device Richard puts to use.

“It doesn’t get more pure than this. Its just this raw environment and this really raw car……..”

As Richard adapts to the quickly changing environment, his lenses accentuate the sheer beauty and raw simplicity of the highly acclaimed LeMans veteran.

The true highlight comes at 6:48 when the engine is fired up, rewarding those present with the trademark staccato IndyCar engine note, sprouting from the recently refitted original exhaust pipes.

Sit back and revel in Richard’s talent as he takes you through the process of shooting an iconic racecar in a natural setting.

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