Red Bull Car Park Drift. Guest Blog. The Road To Jordan

Everyone is putting the final touches to their cars before they head on-track. From the UAE, this beautiful Toyota-powered Lexus is a total drift rat, with bumps, nicks, and tons of rubber dirt laying everywhere.

A Vaughn Gittin Jr. signed RTR is also on duty, and had us drooling all over it. Particularly diggin’ its Wilwood rear brakes too.

Also from Saudi Arabia comes the Traction Off team drifting with their E46 M3

…and here is one of the rarest cars that we’ve ever seen for quite some time in Jordan, the Nissan Silvia. This car is one of the most famous drift machines on the planet, and is an example of pure Japanese madness. Even though it’s actually an S13 with an S15 nose, it still looks damn good!

Abdo Feghali, Red Bull Middle East‘s official drift driver, will be on-hand to help organise, judge, and guide the competitors with their routines, while ‘Mad’ Mike Whiddett is also on-hand to get the crowd jumping. Unfortunately, Mad Mike couldn’t bring his sick RX-7, but he was good enough to spare some time for a chat with crankandpiston, so be sure to stay tuned for that.

And that’s just a taster. Be sure to head back and check out what went down in Jordan as Red Bull once again gets the Car Park jumping.

– Our thanks to AmmaniV12. Be sure to check out the full gallery HERE.

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