Rage Motorsport. Building the Comet ‘R’ R200RT

Rage Motorsport invite you for an up-close look at its 197bhp 190kph Comet R desert buggy.

16-09-13 Rage Motorsport Comet R

Remember Rage Motorsport? crankandpiston.com caught up with company managing director Anthony Allsop in Abu Dhabi, where the chat turned to Rage’s roots and future direction, competition history with the British Rally Championship and development ideas in the Middle East. And fiendishly fast desert buggies, of course.

Take the Comet R200RT (the ‘R’ for short), a 475kg road-legal monster powered by a 197bhp Kawasaki ZZR1400 1352cc motorcycle engine capable of hitting 0-100kph in 3.5 seconds and a top speed of 190kph-plus. On or off-road. On 14-inch tyres. Without doors.

If you’d like to see what that experience is like without turning your hair white, then you might like to check out the below clip. Before that, we thought you might like to see how the Rage Motorsports Comet R is made, courtesy of this newly released video.

Rage Motorsport Comet R200RT
Engine: Kawasaki ZZR1400 / 1352cc
Power: 200hp
Transmission: Quaife forward and reverse Gearbox / A.T.B Differential
Front suspension: Double Wishbone with 12.5-inch travel
Rear suspension: Double Wishbone with 13.5-inch travel
Brakes: Stainless Steel Cross Drilled Discs all round / Brembo Calipers and Bias adjustment
Wheels: 7-in x 14-in / six spoke alloys
Tyres: Yokohama AO48 / Off Road 26-in x 9-in x 14-in (front) / Off Road 26-in x 10-in x 14-in (rear)
Weight (dry) 475kg
0-100kph: 3.5sec
Top speed: 190kph-plus

Source – RageMotorsport

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