Racing with the fastest man on Earth. Chris Harris on Cars

The fastest Formula 1 drivers will get their machines to speeds above 320kph. Top fuel dragster pilots will top 500kph. But Andy Green? He’s already hit 1227.99kph in a car, and he’s currently preparing to make an attempt on 1000mph (1609kph) in the Bloodhound SSC within the next two years.

It takes some serious skill to drive a car that fast. Green is an experienced military jet pilot and has already broken land speed records with Thrust SSC and the JCB Dieselmax, but he wants some experience in more regular (slower) racecars to get used to the feeling of a vehicle moving about underneath him.

So he went racing Radicals in the UK. And who happened to be there with a video camera, but Chris Harris. There followed an incident packed race weekend at Brands Hatch, and some very interesting conversations. Check them out.

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