Quadski XL. Boundless Freedom

The Gibbs Technologies Quadski XL is more impressive than you can imagine. And you can now enjoy land and water with a passenger on-board.


The slightly unhinged crew at Gibbs Technology are not averse to changing the way you think about transportation and the multiple abilities that can actually be engineered into a car or bikes repertoire. Famous for building amphibious vehicles (The Aquada), they struck mainstream gold with the first generation of Quadski.

What it’s capable of is hidden away in the name. On land quad capability and on water jet-skiing skills. What it missed out on in its first generation has now been fixed with this, the Quadski XL. With a stretched frame, longer body the same 1300cc BMW engine, the XL is now capable of letting two people hit the beaches and the water at speeds of up to 72kph on either surface.

Sounds and looks like the ultimate money no object weekend toy to us.

Gallery of the shorter Quadski…

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