Production set to begin on Citroen E-Mehari model

Production is about to start on the new Citroen E-Mehari model.

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Citroen has announced that it is set to start production on its all-new Mehari all-electric vehicle, ahead of its launch early next year.

Those who are familiar with their ‘classic’ models will know of the old Mehari, featuring the looks of a golf cart set over 2CV mechanicals, and now Citroen has developed a 21st century version of it.

New Citroen Catcus M Concept Car Free Your Mind2

The all-electric model is powered by a lithium-metal polymer pack with a top speed of 109kph and a 124mile range. It may seem like a wacky addition to the French manufacturer’s current range, but it features similarities in terms of design to the rest of the model family, such as its headlight design.

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The car will launch in beige, yellow, blue and orange, with the ability to personalise with different roof and interior options.

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