POSTER HEROES. No. 2 Ken Block’s Hoonicorn

A very special guest makes its Poster Heroes debut on, Ken Block’s ‘Hoonicorn_RTR’ 1965 Ford Mustang Notchback

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Gymkhana Eight is nearly upon us, and yet it seems like only yesterday since The Hoonigan brigade first pulled the silks off the Hoonicorn_RTR, a ’65 Ford Mustang Notchback that, alongside the drift king himself Ken Block, would star in the previous instalment. It packed 845hp from a Roush Yates 410 cubic inch Ford V8, Custom ASD Motorsports suspension, and was inspired by some of the most legendary and awesome DTM monsters to ever grace the track during the series’ heyday in the 90s.

And little did we that just over a year on from Gymkhana Seven, would have the opportunity to shoot said maniac on home turf in Dubai. For photographer Harisanker.S, approaching only the second ‘Poster Hero’ of our ever-growing collection, it was a unique and special moment. You may want to check out our behind the scenes shots too below…

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“The whole ‘43 fever started for me back in 2009 when I randomly came across this Ken Block drift video I’m sure you’re familiar with: it starred the man himself, a rally-spec Subaru Impreza, ‘The GOAT’ of Motocross Ricky Carmichael, and a rather nervous looking James May in the passenger seat. And it blew me away, as did the skills required to make that Subaru Impreza move the way it did (it looked like it had fallen straight out of a video game). Mr Block found another fan that day.

“Six years later, I’m standing in front of a Ford Mustang that just a year earlier had gripped the motoring world and shaking hands with the man himself, all-too aware that I have only 30 minutes to grab possibly the most important shots of my life.

“That’s a daunting prospect, but I knew that the first image on the card HAD to be my money shot. Though it was tempting to start with that recognisable Mustang front grille, I found the side profile – complete with Fifteen52 three-piece R40s and the Roush Yates engine – very striking and unique: there’s a great deal of strength and character in the silhouette, and I really wanted to draw that out against the dark backdrop. That by itself though didn’t really bring out the performance aspects of the Hoonicorn, nor its fiery DNA. Orange flare seemed quite appropriate!

“It was important to me as well not to set my frame too low: to have the Hoonicorn towering over the viewer seemed out of place and too over-worldly. I wanted the images to reflect the blue-collar muscle car at its base, a Ford Mustang that, despite its fame, could still be approached like any other by anyone. It’s why the shot of Ken walking away from the driver’s side door I personally find very striking: just another normal day at work. Though it certainly wasn’t for me!”

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