Postcard from the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show

2015 Frankfurt Motor Show-193

Now if it’s performance you’re looking for, you could do much worse than the SuperSport ‘Falcarto’, the halo model of Germany-based Halcón that made its global debut in Frankfurt. One of only 15 models hand-built, the Halcon costs a surprisingly reasonable $250,000 (well, reasonable-ish), packs a heavy modified 3.7-litre V6 – with twin-turbochargers – from the Nissan 370Z (a model which also provided the Falcarto’s chassis – and kicks out 640bhp. Couple that with bespoke and lightweight carbon fibre panels, and the Supersport will hit 100kph in 3.5 seconds. Whether this German independent makes any great strides in the supercar scene remains to be seen. Still, on paper alone, it’s a good start…

2015 Frankfurt Motor Show-255

Having already driven the new R8 V10 Plus recently, we are all too aware how Audi’s second generation supercar handles both the mountain roads and the highways, even if the difference between this and the sister Lamborghini Hurácan is getting more and more difficult to find. It’s range-topping 5.2-litre V10 packs 601bhp, its extended platform offers the opportunity for greater manoeuvrability, and its revised aerodynamics makes it nigh on impossible to shoot at a Motor Show without at least someone walking in front of your shot. This, right here, took nearly 15 minutes to get right.

2015 Frankfurt Motor Show-344

Our last experience with Renault came with the Clio, a competent mountain hustler and hot hatch of choice for any discerning petrolhead, but not good looking. No no, definitely not good looking. Fortunately Renault seems to have binned the crayons for the new Megane GT, a handsome brute that goes up against the SEAT Leon and Audi A3, potentially with 300bhp turbocharged arsenal under its belt in Renaultsport guise. One most certainly to keep your eye on in the future.

2015 Frankfurt Motor Show-69

Though the futuristic looking Golf GTE Sport – with its turbocharged 1.6-litre four cylinder plucked from the firm’s Polo R WRC, 395bhp and 495lb ft of torque, a six-speed DSG dual-clutch automatic gearbox, and a futuristic look that debuted in Worthersse – drew most interest on VW’s stand.

2015 Frankfurt Motor Show-294 

And since LEGO usually goes down pretty well on, what Motor Show postcard would be complete without, well, this?


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