Porsche vs BMW vs Mercedes. A Stellar Trio

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The Porsche GT3 RS 4.0. A BMW M3 GTS. The Mercedes C63 AMG Black. Choosing just one from this stellar trio is hardly easy. Fortunately for Chris Harris, he gets the opportunity to try all three simultaneously. On the road, and on the track.

Situations such as this with Mr Harris usually equate to high-speed drifts, large amounts of tyre squeal, and the smell of freshly shorn rubber enveloping the surrounding the landscape.

Oh, and the sound of collective envy from those of us watching at home.

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  1. Mohamed Sheikhaldeen

    No compromise on handling (4.0), all rounder (GTS) and no compromise on the killing the driver in the most brutal way (C63 black). hard decision between the 4.0 and the black (little bit towards the angry AMG); though i KNOW the GTS is the best overall.