Porsche Targa California. James Lipman

I’ve literally been itching to get this post put together for the past couple of weeks. Not only are the photos that Jamie takes truly spectacular, he manages to go and shoot the type of events that mere mortals like ourselves only dream of going to.We introduced this event and a couple of teaser shots a couple of weeks ago…so here goes.

Just to re-cap these particular pics are from the Targa California that Jaime and John Glynn recently went along to. Starting in Paso Robles California and run in the spirit of the now defunct Iron Bottom No Frills Motoring Tour, the new Targa California is the premier So Cal event for pre-1975 cars of all makes & models

I personally think that events like this rate very highly in the “things you must do before you die” list. As a co-owner of a 1968 (short wheel base) 912 I can associate with the draw and the feeling that these super sexy early body (long hood) 911’s bring…

I think this highlights the example pretty well. Take a 1972 shell and literally stuff a Euro 3.6 Varioram motor. Designed and built by Hayden Burvill of WEVO in San Francisco.

Perfection – A lazy afternoon chilling out at a Diner with friggin awesome cars to lope around and stare at. Or is it just me?

It’s not all about Porsche on the Targa California….anything pre 1975 is welcome.

errrr – American road kill! Not what you would want to hit in a convertible…Can you imagine that flicking back into the cabin?!

Say’s it all really! Take an early 911 – Some old skool music – Californian Countryside – Epic roads….mix it all up and you have auto nirvana.

More to come from Jamie and this incredible event.

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