Porsche 911 GT3 RS. Lineage

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As I’m a complete sucker for any Porsche that has the famous “RS” badge stuck on, I couldn’t not post this great little video up gleaned off the Porsche youtube channel.

The reason for the video is that the all new 911 GT3 RS is quite possible the most viscous and potent track car ever built for the street by Porsche. Gladly it looks as if Porsche have gone back to the early air-cooled RS roots by building a track car for the road; rather than a road car for the track. As you may already now the RS history stretches back pretty much all the way back into the 60’s and then appeared on a production car in official form in 1973 with the 911 2.7 RS.

The RS nomenclature then continued through the epic 964, beautiful 993 and dodgy 996 model years, all the way through to today’s second generation 997 model recently introduced at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

So click on and enjoy this vid as much as I did…I badly want to head out in my car now!! Must finish the garden first though…


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  1. Great response and almost felt your response coming when I wrote it. I only say dodgy as I was never really a fan of the 996’s look. Having driven GT3’s and GT3 RS’s from that era I can testify that they are nuts. Also being the owner of a late 60’s 911 and two Air-Cooled RS’s I’m definitely a fan from from the old school. The 964RS especially is a very aggressive car that was torn apart by the press of the day…however in hindsight and by today’s standards it’s still an exceptional car.

    I’ll take you up on the offer though 🙂

  2. “Dodgy 996” indeed! I hope you meant the model range and not the RS, though I do think the 996 in general gets an unfair slating from bearded air-cooled fundamentalists. 🙂

    I’ll offer you a drive of mine anytime so you will know the greatest RS of them all next to the original 2.7 (so I’ve read, wish I could experience one of those.) Of course as you know, it started life as a plain jane GT3 and not an RS and is now a bit of a Frankenstein monster, so it’s not exactly representative. My personal view is the stock 996 GT3 RS is possibly the greatest model ever built by Porsche because it combines brilliant track abilities and rawness with reasonable usability on the road.

    If anything the later 997 was dodgy. Active dampers are an absolute disgrace on a track oriented car and the gap between non-RS and RS was negligible, (though perhaps they’ve solved that issue with this second generation model). Some engineer should have been hanged from the highest lamppost in Stuttgart for that. Even with aftermarket passive adjustable dampers, the gap between the 997 and 996 models is small – as you can see from the close battle between me and Paul in the GT Champ.

    Love the site as always.