Porsche. Meet the Heroes. VIDEO

Check out crankandpiston.com’s teaser video from Porsche’s ‘Meet the heroes’ Le Mans event at Hockenheim, Germany, which includes a passenger lap in a Porsche 935 alongside Timo Bernhard.


Recently crankandpiston.com was invited to get up close and personal with all Porsche’s iconic collection of Le Mans winning machines in Hockenheim. This, by the way, also included a passenger ride in a Porsche 935 with Timo Bernhard of all people. With Porsche’s return to Le Mans just around the corner, and having just got ourselves warmed up with an interview with Norbert Singer, how could we possibly say no?!

Full coverage is wending its merry to crankandpiston very soon. But for those of you who can’t wait, why not check out our interview with 1970 Le Mans winner Richard Attwood and this on the ground teaser video.

Source – crankandpiston YouTube

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