Porsche E Cross Turismo previews all-electric estate ‘CUV’

The Porsche E Cross Turismo previews tech that we are likely to see on the forthcoming Mission E

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Porsche has unveiled its radical E Cross Turismo concept at the Geneva Motor Show. Billed as a CUV, or Cross Utility Vehicle, the all-electric design study is heavily influenced by the current Panamera Sport Turismo and showcases the brand’s pure EV credentials. There’s no official word on production, but rumours suggest a version of the E Cross could be in showrooms as early as 2020.

Claimed to be ‘road ready’, the E Cross Turismo is powered by a pair of permanent magnet synchronous motors that between them develop more than 600bhp. Driving and axle each, they allow the four-wheel drive Porsche to sprint from 0-100kph in 3.5 seconds and onto 167kph in 12 seconds dead. Crucially, Porsche claim that this performance can be accessed time and again without out any drop of in performance or need for lengthy battery preparation.

Underpinning this electric drivetrain is a lithium ion battery that forms part of a powerful 800 Volt electrical system. Porsche claim the car can go 400 kilometres between charges, but crucially the cells can be replenished in just 15 minutes using a fast charger. The E Cross Turismo has also been developed to take advantage of proposed induction charging methods, where cables buried in the road surface allow the battery to be topped up on the move.

As you’d expect, the E Cross’s cabin is packed with technology. The most interesting addition is the TFT instrument display that’s linked to an eye-tracking camera. This set-up can detect which dial the driver is looking at and bring it to the foreground while minimizing the other instruments. There are also touch sensitive controls on the centre console and steering wheel. The passenger isn’t left out either, as the screens stretch the full width of dashboard and give access to the car’s telephone, climate control and navigation functions.

Despite being a strict four-seater, the E Cross has been configured to be remarkably practical. Each of the rear seats features a load through function, plus they can be folded completely flat. The boot floor also features a system of sliding rails and straps for securing loads, such as pushbikes or surfboards. 

The rugged approach continues on the outside, where a heavily Panamera-inspired body is augmented with tough-looking plastic extensions for sills and wheelarches, while the blue-finished 20-inch alloys are covered in surprisingly chunky looking tyres. Elsewhere, the E Cross features the same matrix LED headlamps that features the firm’s X-Sight enhanced main beam function.

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