Porsche 917 Image Build. Jordan Donnelly

Stunning image from Jordan Donnelly of a Porsche 917. And how he created it.

I am a bit old school when it comes to photography. If I haven’t managed to capture the image ‘in camera’ then, frankly, I’m a bit screwed. There is, however, a new breed of talented folk out there who have the ability to conjure up beautiful imagery by manipulating reality. It is a dark art shrouded in mystery that is normally a kept secret by its disciples.

When Jordan Donnelly released this stunning image of a Porsche 917, it rebounded off every corner on the internetawebaspehere. Jordan has now posted this short film showing how he managed to build this image and all I can say is, Mr. Donnelly – Adobe Wan Kenobi has taught you well.

Source – Jordan Donnelly

Porsche 917 Image Build

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