Geneva ’16. Porsche 911 R. For the purists

*NOW UPDATED WITH VIDEO* New, less track-focused example of the 911 GT3 RS – the new 911 R – headlines Porsche’s stand at the Geneva Motor Show.

Porsche’s star at this month’s Geneva Motor Show is unquestionably the new 911 R, a back-to-basics, less track-focused version of the GT3 RS. Oh, and good news for naturally-aspirated flat-six fans, since there isn’t a turbocharger to be seen.

Described as a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ by the company itself, the Porsche 911 R is a nod to the original 911 R that competed in GT racing from 1967 onwards. The newboy keeps GT3 RS’ boxer flat-six as well as the chassis and lightweight body panels, but foregoes the enormous rear wing for a retractable spoiler to keep the weight down. At 1370kg, the new ‘R’ drops 50kg to the GT3 RS thanks mainly to plastic windows, and heavy use of carbon fibre across the front and rear bumpers. Also of note is the six-manual gearbox carried across from the 991. Though it utilizes the same casing, the internals have been completely reworked for more aggressive, rifle-bolt-like gearshifts. Handily, it also drops 20kg over Porsche’s seven-speed PDK automatic system.

As you might expect, there are a few styling nods to the original ’67 example. While your colour options range from silver to white, the snazzy racing stripes across the roof are available in either green or red, a reference to historic BP livery. Other cosmetic additions on the inside include carbon fibre bucket seats, fabric door handles and a GT sport steering wheel.

The 4-litre boxer flat-six meanwhile produces 493bhp and 339lb ft of torque, meaning a 0-100kph time of 3.7 seconds and a 323kph top speed. Other mechanical add-ons to get Porsche purists champing at the bit also include rear-wheel steering, a limited slip diff, and carbon ceramic brakes as standard. The whole package comes complete with lightweight aluminium wheels with extra grippy tyres, but air conditioning and stereo is going to cost you extra.
Speaking of which, prices for the new 911 R start from $192,500, while production has been limited to 991 examples worldwide.

Oh speaking of which, prices for the new 911 R start from $192,500, while production has been limited to 991 examples worldwide.

Source – Porsche

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