Porsche 718 Cayman review – The entry-level Porsche punches above its weight

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l/100k and running costs

The main purpose of Porsche downsizing the previous Cayman’s flat-six engines to turbo fours was to reduce emissions in the wake of tightening CO2 regulations. As such, on paper at least, the l/100k figure of up to 7L/100km for a PDK Cayman (7.3L/100km for the ‘S’) has been a useful improvement.

However as our team has found, real world economy is not obviously better than the old car’s, with the turbocharged engines consuming considerably more in reality than the unrealistic European test cycles suggest. If you are after a manual, l/100k figures will drop further thanks to the loss of a seventh gear.

That said in context against rivals, the 718’s overall consumption is still very good, and as such it’s still the pick of the sports car bunch when it comes to overall running costs.

Interior and tech

Always surprisingly practical for a mid-engined sportscar, the Cayman’s front and rear load areas are plenty big enough to swallow everything two could want on a weekend away. The rear deck above the engine and behind the occupant’s heads provides extra useful space for small items, too.

This being a Porsche, ergonomics are spot on with all the controls perfectly positioned and weighted with a quality feel. The driving position is suitably low and from behind the new 918-inspired steering wheel, the dash layout has plenty of traditional Porsche touches like the high mounted gear stick and a rev counter right in the centre of the dials.

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