Porsche 718 Cayman review – The entry-level Porsche punches above its weight

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Engine and gearbox

We might, eventually, stop mourning the loss of the Cayman’s old flat-six engine but the replacement turbocharged four-cylinder found in the 718 isn’t going to help us forget about the wailing, revvy unit that made Porsche’s entry-level cars feel anything but.

If you expect the 718’s engine to be in the same vein as the latest 911 Carrera’s turbocharged unit then you’ll be sorely disappointed. Rather than being subtly aided by the turbos, the 2- and 2.5- litre motor is unashamedly boosted, but this has helped the engines put out some impressive figures. The 2-litre of the Cayman produces 296bhp, while the 2.5-litre makes 345bhp in the S and 360bhp in the GTS at the same revs. The peak power for each car comes in at 6500rpm.

The biggest advantage of the new engines is the usable torque they both produce. The standard Cayman makes 280lb ft from 1950 to 4500rpm and the S 310lb ft from 1900 to 4500rpm. The GTS only betters the S in terms of torque when equipped with a PDK gearbox, then it has an extra 7lb ft.

The 718 Cayman S and GTS develops the same amount of torque as the sublime Cayman GT4, but the GT4 didn’t reach its peak figure until the engine was spinning at 4750rpm.

our tip

Although we’ve been impressed by Porsche’s PDK gearbox, and it has proved that it’s the quicker transmission, we still prefer the standard manual. There’s a sense of connection with the car that heel and toeing, selecting your gears and feeding in the clutch exactly how and when you want creates that the efficient PDK doesn’t grant you.

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