Porsche 718 Cayman review – The entry-level Porsche punches above its weight

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Performance and 0-100kph time

The controversial move to do away with the Cayman’s sublime, naturally aspirated flat-six may be enough to make enthusiasts wince, but it’s been justified by the car’s on-paper performance.

Porsche claims that a manual 718 Cayman accelerates from 0-100kph in 4.9sec, 0.8sec quicker than its predecessor. Opting for the Cayman’s seven-speed dual-clutch transmission trims a further 0.4sec off the time with Sport Plus engaged.

When we timed a manual 718 Cayman S accelerating from 0-100kph we managed to achieve a time of 4.4sec, the same time Porsche claim the car takes to get to 100kph. We didn’t stop at just 100kph though, and recorded a 0-160kph time of 10.2sec and a 0-225kph time of 21.7sec. It also came to a rest after braking from 160kph in a distance of 93.9 metres and in just 4.4sec.

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