POLL. What’s the best sounding race engine?

Scream, pop, bang, growl, etc. What combustion noise best tickles your ears?


Despite all the naysayers, we’re cautiously optimistic that electric cars can be exciting. Lots of torque, clever technology? It’s going to happen anyway, and we might as well enjoy it.

But still, we’ll miss the noise of incredible engines. Here, following an office vox pop, are a few of our favourite motorsport sounds, in no particular order. Which is your favourite?

The Mazda 787B. Rotary screaming. Oh yes.

Porsche 911 GT3s rallying. Flat six awesomeness.

V8 dragsters. Ear-melting octane.

Hakasuka GT-R at Fuji. Skip to about 1:20 for the best bit!

Group B Rally cars. This Audi Sport Quattro S1 shown here, for example.

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– Shot courtesy of Retro Rides

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