Petrolthreads. T-shirts top trumps…and an argument

It’s Monday. We’re bored. We’re looking at It’s started an argument


It’s proving to be one of those Monday afternoons in the office: the weekend is only just over and time is seemingly standing still. Which means, in the absence of doing some actual work, we’ve hit the Google playground – or, more specifically, – for an unnecessary and entirely childish game of one up-manship:


James G: “Okay, easy choice: Dodge Charger R/T. King of the drag strip; hilariously oversized V8 thumping under the bonnet; a NASCAR for the road; the epitome of 60’s style; terrifying to man and children alike and Belezebub’s company car. Easy choice…”

James D: “Yes, but only if you have limited taste. Alfa Romeo GTA. PROPER 60’s style – that’s to say stunning – proper four-cylinder; lightweight coupe; vintage cool”


Phil McG: “Porsche 917K. Stunning ‘acid rain’ blue and green livery. Kicked ass, Le Mans 1970. Enough said…”

James G: “Ah, a Porsche, how original. Lancia Stratos. World Rally Championship demi-God, beautiful to behold and demonic to drive”

Phil McG: “Motorsport. How very unlike you Gent. Porsche 911 2.7 RS…”


I think you get the idea. If you’ll excuse us, we have a needless and time-consuming argument to finish. Check out the PetrolThreads catalogue HERE and feel free to join in, in the comments box below.

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