Parmigiani Bugatti Aerolithe. 1935 concept reborn

The new Parmigiani Bugatti Aerolithe costs $33,000. And believe it or not, that’s quite cheap.  


It’s been a while since crankandpiston’s last ‘holy crap, how expensive?’ Bugatti watch, but with the Aerolithe we figure we’ve come back strong. Costing a not unreasonable $33,000 (our previous addition, the Fleurier Bugatti Super Sport, cost an aneurismal $375,000), the new Bugatti Aerolithe from noted Swiss horologist Parmigiani is named in deference to the famously gorgeous concept model of 1935. Made from Elektron (a magnesium alloy), the Aerolithe’s body panels were riveted from the outside, creating the now iconic seams.


Unfortunately (of sorts) titanium and white gold replace Elektron in the new watch’s production, which make for not only a seamless(ish) finish but also the thinnest Bugatti watch casing yet from Parmigiani. The deep blue and red lacquered detailing is another sharp addition to the Aerolithe, but it’s the flyback chronograph that’s tweaked our interest.


A similar setup was used by pencil-thin moustached pilots to more accurately judge their flying time for a given course (just one button was required to stop reset and restart the stopwatch). Another neat touch is the buckle, which has been designed to look like a Bugatti front grille

– Shots courtesy of Parmigiani

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