Pagani Zonda 760RS. A Zonda R For The Road

Performance was hardly an issue for the Pagani Zonda R. It wasn’t even of passing concern for the original Zonda C12, which boasted – courtesy of its 6.0l V12 – 389hp and would rip from 0-100kph in a miniscule 3.2s.

And the Zonda R? Thanks to its beefed up V12, it produced 740hp and would destroy 0-100kph in just 2.7s.

Not too shabby. But still Pagani felt there was more performance available. More bhp to be found in the nooks and crannies and more tenths-of-seconds to be cast aside. This brings us to the Zonda 760RS, a 750hp road legal(!) version of the track only R. Fear is for the weak apparently. We’re not too sure! >>>

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