P14. McLaren’s replacement to the 650S

Ahead of its Geneva Motor Show debut, McLaren unveils the monocoque of the Super Series P14, its first ever second generation model


McLaren has unveiled its brand new addition to the Super Series ahead of the model’s Geneva Motor Show debut. Well, sort of.

So far McLaren has only unveiled the carbon fibre monoque at the heart of the new P14 – the well-established MonoCell II – but has confirmed that the P14 will replace the 650S and is the first of 15 brand new models that will arrive before 2022 under McLaren’s Track22 Business Plan. So, where to start?

Weight seems like as good as any, with the P14 scything 18kg off the 650S at 1,283kg (for added context, the 488 GTB it will rival squeaks in more than 200kg heavier). Torsional rigidity has also been considered to improve the 650S’ already incredibly impressive road-holding capabilities and lower the centre of gravity yet further. Much like the 570S and 540C members of the Sport Series, the P14’s revised monocoque also features wider cabin entrance and lower sill for easier entry and exit.

Though this marks the first time McLaren has ushered in a new generation of an established model, don’t expect too many things to change, despite claims from McLaren boss Mike Flewitt that the P14 will be a “revolutionary leap forward” for both Woking and the sports car segment in general. The design DNA is likely to be tweaked rather than overhauled, though design director Frank Stephenson has stated that the P14 will be ‘even crazier’ than the P1 hypercar. It seems inevitable too that McLaren’s 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 will be incorporated into the build, albeit it with a higher power output than the 641bhp 650S. Expect further details in Geneva.

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