Our Long Drive Home. Surprises in store. UK to Australia

Onwards across European go our gallant duo. Italy proves stunning. Slovenia is surprising.

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Never in my life have I had an experience on the road like I did driving from France into Italy. The north-western coast of Italy has to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. You enter this paradise through a tunnel in the hill with enough impact to knock you down. All the way from the border to Toulon, where we had to head to Milan, you dance along these long curvy roads that sit on top of bridges extending from hilltop to hilltop, through holes in the coastal hillside.

It really does give off another-worldly feeling, as though James Cameron had sculpted these roads just so he could make a driving movie. No wonder Italy is the home of so many beautiful fast sportscars. Even I in my little 3-door Renault started to lie down in my seat and let the road take me to my destination. What a ride! Next time though I’m going to ask crankandpiston for something a little sexier!

Milan is full of good-looking people, and as soon as got there we instantly became conscious of just how much we needed to hit the gym and get some sunshine. It really is a beautiful place, the architecture and history is mind-blowing, especially for two people who live in Australia, but the real beauty is the people who all look like they have just walked off the cover of Vogue magazine. With jealousy setting in we did the only thing we could: ordered a pizza from a local restaurant and thought about Slovenia the following morning.


If Italy was the greatest experience on the road, then Slovenia has to be the greatest surprise. We didn’t know much about this little mountain country bordered by Austria, Croatia and Italy but as it was on route we knew we would have to check it out, and how grateful for the opportunity were we!

As you enter Slovenia you first notice the gorgeous mountains either side of you, which probably is to be expected given its geographical proximity to Austria. But it still made us gasp in awe and wish we could come back for the winter with snowboards.

We slowly weaved our way to the capital – Ljubljana – which is one of the most beautiful cities we’ve ever come across. Positioned along side the Ljubljanica River, the area has that perfect European city feel: busy and exciting but relaxed and assured of itself. People of all ages were out and enjoying the nice summer evening and each other’s company, eating and drinking along the river to the sound of street musicians. Heaven!

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