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Turns out everyone is heading to the south coast of France this summer. And it’s a bit crowded.

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After the catastrophe at the beginning of the rally, we finally got a spare tyre sorted in Germany and were able to set off through the centre of France towards the south coast. Although the drive down was mainly motorway driving, it should be noted that France is absolutely gorgeous with more forests and farms than the expected vineyards, making it very scenic as we weaved our way down in our Renault Clio.

However, France’s southern coast was our destination and once we got there we discovered we weren’t the only ones. Not only is the south of France home to such well known places as Cannes and St Tropez, but like the rest of Europe is currently enjoying a little heat wave that has everyone heading beachwards.

As luxurious as it is beautiful, the south of France, was always going to be a hellish place to drive. Lots of busy and important people with places to be, and we were just getting in the way.

The heat and the roadworks didn’t help, but we finally found a little place to camp in St Tropez (for the hefty price of €65/$85 a night). We were gifted a beautiful view of all the yachts and boats currently anchored there on the Mediterranean as the sun went down behind them, and we enjoyed a well-earned glass of something cold.

The next day we headed to Milan, but we couldn’t do that without first stopping off at the world famous town of Cannes. Famous for the yearly Cannes Film Festival – and not so famously known for being Paris Hilton’s playground – we knew it was going to be full of boutique clothes stores but I don’t think Jess was prepared for quite how many there were. It was touch and go for a while as to whether I was going to be able to get Jess back in the car so we could get to Milan in time.

A beautiful city and we’d certainly like to go back with a little bit more time, but perhaps not the best place for two people who have been living in campsites for the last few days.

Next stop, Milan.

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