Our Long Drive Home. Ahoy Hoi An. UK to Australia

Mike and Jess endure torrential rain on arrival in Hoi An, fend off a pack of ducklings after their mid-day snacks, and start to experience their Long Drive Home from an entirely different perspective thanks to Vietnamese iced coffee.

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We woke up in Hoi An after another dreadful nights sleep on one of the notorious Vietnamese Sleeper buses. Peering through the window we saw the lush green paddy fields that seem to cover this beautiful country, which unfortunately on this particular morning were hidden by a torrential tropical downpour. Although we were sad that we were unable to ride our bikes down the coast to Hoi An (hence the uncomfortable night on the aforementioned bus), we probably dodged a bullet. Riding in this rain would have been lethal.

Fortunately, after a solid night’s sleep in our hostel, we awoke the following morning to glorious sunshine. We had been waiting for this day for two months: beach day. A day where we could finally relax and not worry about travel, or how to get from A to B. In fact we might have over done it a little, finishing our beach day with rosy tummies and noses.

As you leave the main part of Hoi An towards the beach, you cross a bridge nestled under which are two restaurants. We decided to stop for a refreshing drink and a little appetiser. The view was gorgeous, and we sat back and watched the fishermen drift up and down stream laying their nets as the sun slowly set behind them.

After wetting out appetites we made our way to Coco Restaurant and thought it would be the perfect little place for a spot of dinner. From the front it looks like a little shack perched on the edge of the river. But once you walk through you are greeted with these gorgeous white whicker tables and chairs over looking the river. Swarms of baby ducks swam past as a water buffalo chilled further down stream. We opted for two seafood dishes and some spring rolls. The seafood in Vietnam really is phenomenal. Crab, Shrimp, and all varieties of fish, all freshly caught that day and cooked in front of you.

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The following morning we were greeted with the same, a lovely sunny but very hot day. We wanted to take it easy again, so we opted to go for a ride on our newly rented scooters to check out the old part of the town and the extensive market area. The colourful streets are jam-packed with locals noisily selling all of their freshly grown produce. Fish fresh out of the water and all kinds of pretty fruit make for a tantalising scene.

Feeling a little sorry for ourselves and sweltering in the heat we ducked in doors and grabbed a traditional Vietnamese iced coffee (to which we’re now addicted). Gone are the days when we could jump in the car and be in the middle of nowhere. We can’t complain though, since at least we get more time to enjoy each location, and Hoi An really is something to treasure.

Today we wait for the bus to take us to Nha Trang where we hope to get a bit more sun before we head to Saigon.

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