Worlds Fastest Street Car. 283mph. Ford GT. BADD GT

Guinness world records are the measure of the most extreme endeavours of humanity but rarely (if ever) actually involve downing a pint of the black stuff before attempting record breaking activities.

In the case of Johnny Bohmer of Performance Power Racing that was probably a wise decision as he has just set a new Guinness World Record for the fastest standing mile (1.6km’s in new money) in a street car.

Weapon of choice for this feat of ballsiness was a Ford GT pumping out 1,700bhp thanks to ditching the supercharger in favour of a couple of turbos and a serious fuel system upgrade.

Mr. ‘Big Balls’ Bohmer blitzed his previous world record of 223.42mph by nearly 60mph crossing the line at a whopping 283.232mph!
That’s right, y’all. Threre’s a new Sheriff in town, it’s called the BADD GT.

Worlds Fastest Street Car @ 283mph - PPR Standing Mile Guinness World Record from Stage 3 Imports on Vimeo.

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