Toyota’s Gazoo Racing sub-brand teases Le Mans inspired concept

To strengthen its ties to motorsport, Gazoo Racing will reveal a new concept at the 2018 Tokyo Auto Salon.

Toyota has had a busy 2017, launching its Gazoo Racing sub-brand and competing in top-level World Endurance and Rally championships. But the Japanese marque has only just begun its move to widen its appeal to enthusiasts, teasing this racing-inspired concept car dubbed the GR Super Sport Concept. 

Get creative with a couple of Photoshop tools and you’ll see within the shadowy teaser image is a shape aping that of Gazoo Racing’s LMP1 racer. The low scuttle and bulbous glassy cockpit are familiar elements, with a long fin extending from the centre of the roof back towards the rear wing.

Due to be revealed in full at the Toyko Auto Salon opening next month, Toyota says the concept originates from Gazoo Racing’s participation in WEC. Featuring technical know-how generated through involvement in the sport, Toyota is remaining tight-lipped about any specific details so far, although its viability for production looks unlikely at this stage.

Toyota Yaris GRMN - wheel

This latest concept comes off the back of Toyota’s push to become a more ‘emotional’ manufacturer, with Toyota boss Akio Toyoda pushing his motorsport and performance car agenda through the Gazoo Racing sub-brand. 

Also on display in Tokyo will be a ‘GR Sports’ range of Toyotas currently exclusive to the Japanese domestic market, as well as the supercharged Yaris GRMN (called Vitz in Japan), which has already impressed us on first impressions. There will be one elephant in that room though, as one of Toyota’s most iconic names still due for resurrection will once again be a no show. We have all been waiting in angst for the all-new Supra, but will have to wait a little longer to see the Toyota we actually want to see.

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