Red Bull Car Park Drift 2012. Abu Dhabi. Three Days And Counting…

1960. When a group of like-minded racers go beyond the limits of tyre grip on a winding Japanese road, they accidentally stumble across a discipline that will sweep the nation.

1970. Professional ‘drifting’ competitions are organized across the globe, with driving techniques in the All Japan Touring Car Championship transformed beyond recognition.

2009. The Middle East’s first ever drifting competition takes place in Beirut. Sponsored by Red Bull, the region’s best drift racers compete against each other in a series of challenges to be crowned The Drift King.

2011. Over 50,000 drift enthusiast from 9 different countries fight for one of only 15 spots in the grand finale.

2012. The Red Bull Car Park Drift, Abu Dhabi. Want to see history made? >>>

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