Qatar International Rally 2010. The New S2000 Rally Car

I’ll be honest here, the last rally I attended was in the UK at a rain soaked, freezing cold stage of what was then the RAC rally.

Trudging through the mud, waiting for what seemed like hours just to see a split second of a legendary Group B car. Yeah it was all worth it!

How things have changed, for start, no rain, no mud and no fire breathing 600hp missiles, just a lot of dust combined with the usual waiting around.

Instead of the delightful sounds of a Peugeot T16 or an Audi S1 we were greeted with the high pitched high revving sounds of the new Super 2000 formula rally car the new class of alleged ‘affordable’ racing from the FIA.

The recent Qtel Qatar International Rally saw one of the first competitive outings of the new s2000 cars outside of Europe.

A total of five of these new era cars took part, unfortunately though only one made it to the finish being the Barwa World Rally Team entered car which also took the win.

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