GulfRun 7. Kuwait. It’s Not A Race!

We’re not supposed to mention GulfRun 7 in the same vein as America’s Gumball 3000. The GulfRun promotes safe racing and encourages particpants to push their own cars to the limit around the Bahrain international Circuit under the watchful eye of circuit instructors. Thing is, enthusiasts tend to start the event by ‘rallying’ for several days across neighbouring emirates to the circuit. Shhh!

First run in 2005, this year’s event has already attracted over 50 participants, many of whom showcased their tuned machines at the annual GulfRun Car Show at Kuwait’s Marina Mall. Alongside a couple of RS8s and an SLS here and there, there’s a strong fleet of 911s on show.

Further searching also dropped shots of the pre-event Al Falah Car Wash into our laps. We’ve already spotted an AC Cobra, a McLaren Mercedes SLR and an Ariel Atom hidden among the suds.

Looks like this year could be something of a belter for the circuit. But remember guys. Seatbelts!

Source – 7ajidude

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