Arabian Drag Racing League. Alex Hossler. Fastest Man In The World

American Alex Hossler sets the fastest run ever recorded during the second round of the Arabian Drag Racing League International Championships in Qatar, his supercharged 1969 Camaro hitting 213.27mph (approx. 343.22kph) in just 3.534 seconds.

Motorsport history is littered with feel-good stories of the little guys who, against all odds, come through to take the top prize. Take Alex Hossler, for instance. In the opening round of the 2013 Arabian Drag Racing League International Championships in Qatar, the Illinois man was reeling from a bad weekend during which the competition had left him for dead. One week later, he’s on top of the world after setting the three fastest runs in passenger car drag racing history.

This kind of thing doesn’t happen overnight, granted. In pre-event testing on Monday 21 January, Hossler was only the ninth fastest driver in passenger car drag racing history after setting a 3.580s time a career-best 211.46mph (approx. 340.30kph). On Thursday, he was the third fastest, with a 3.561s / 212.39mph (approx. 341.80kph) result.The next day, the supercharged 1969 Camaro of Qatar’s Sheikh Khalid al-Thani stunned the sport with a 3.534s / 213.27mph (approx. 343.22kph) run. Matt Smith’s two-year old 3.558s World Record was gone.

Quite remarkably, Hossler – a previous winner of Pro Extreme events in the United States – insists that there is still more to come from the ’69 Camaro: “After the 3.56s run, he came into the garage and looked at the bearings and the spark plugs; they looked almost new!”

God only knows how the brute – which you can see in action here – will perform when it’s completely on the ragged edge, but looking forward to seeing how.

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