World’s Oldest Bentley Cruises Dubai. EXP2. JBR Walk

We’re well used to seeing Bentleys galore cruising around the swanky JBR Walk area of the Dubai Marina. We’re less used to seeing the world’s oldest surviving Bentley on these streets, which are more accustomed to hosting the latest and greatest models from the British company.

This EXP2, built in 1920, is on tour around the world. Constructed by Walter Owen Bentley himself, the EXP2 is a prototype 3.0-litre racing car and was a revelation in its time, sporting four valves and two plugs per cylinder. It was also the first British sports car built using alloy pistons and scored 11 race wins during its on-track career from 1921.

The car was brought to Dubai to show off Bentley’s rather illustrious history. Fine by us, Bentley – bring everything you’ve got!

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  1. Bentley has a great legacy. By the way today they just announced the new soundtrack of Belntley. Remind me Jaguar’s a little bit. But very good one. TorqueNews has a video under Bentley.