Old Skool Supercars. The Sweet Shop

The ultimate collection of late 80’s heavy metal. We’ve already had an inter-office battle regarding which car would be taken home, but what about you?

The prancing horse with the fiery red heads? The techno tour de force that is the Porsche 959? The blown, bombastic Ruf Yellow Bird? The screaming V12 Lamborghini Countach? Muscular V8 powered 500E or the mental SWB Audi Quattro? Not to mention the other cheeky chaps sat across the back row.

Take your pic and tell us why? >>>

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  1. Porsche 959!!! Hands down – no other car in this picture is in the same ballpark. Now if you had included a Ferrari F40 in this picture, then it would have been a different story…