The new 2018 Jeep Wrangler shows its face and some new details.

The new tweaked, redesigned and fresh Jeep Wrangler is almost here, and for the first time, uncovering more details.

The JL Wrangler Forums have been pretty active, following the new updates of the new upcoming 2018 Wrangler and managed to catch the vehicle on the road, without its front and rear camouflage wrap.

From the pictures, we were able to pick up some of the updates:

  • New door handles – No more heavy push button.
  • Keyless entry – On the door handles, you could see a small button which indicates the car allowing keyless entry.
  • New hood locks – Unlike the stretchy rubber ones from before, these look more sturdy and firm.
  • New grill – the new production grill seems to have the headlights involved in its design, and wider openings, with a front curve.
  • Fender lights – New integrated LED lights in the fenders similar to what we used to see in aftermarket parts.
  • Fuel cap – Just a new fuel cap cover design.
  • LED taillights – Interesting looking tail lights, also similar to some aftermarket taillights in the market.

Two models were spied, We still don’t know which is which, but one of them seems to have a body-matching fender paint job, while the other has it in black.

Some more changes that the forum members pointed out were a flatter, redesigned vented hood and relocated windshield hinges.

I think the new Wrangler will be a big jump from the current one as an overall SUV, but hopefully maintain its main purpose.

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