The Management Fleet. VW Scirocco. The Next Test…

The Volkswagen Scirocco is about to sail through 5500kms on the ticker and so far life has been superb.  The plan we discussed with VW from the outset, was that the car would be used in as many ways as possible. From normal day to day routines, to putting the little coupe through some tests to see just what we could get up to.

The first test was a simple one. How would the ‘Rocco cope in the presence of the mighty Golf R – the mac daddy of the hatch back fraternity – and surprisingly, after a day of hacking across as many miles of UAE black top we could find, it proudly held it’s head high and in some ways far exceeded our expectations.

So after a sound thrashing and a proper drive, what could be the next challenge? Seeing as we are a photo driven portal, we thought a day using the ‘Rocco as a chase/support car would be an interesting idea. Thankfully an opportunity came our way at exactly the right time… a day out supporting the guys at EVO Middle East magazine as they shot the McLaren MP4-12C.

With three big bags, a set of lights, a tripod, a driver and the light capturing team all aboard we set off to the far side of the UAE. The worry we had was always going to be lack of space, but even though it was a squeeze with our lardy frames on board, the car ended up doing exactly what we needed from it. For shooting it was about spot on. Quick enough to keep up with the chosen model without getting all out of shape, taught enough to not have us rocking and rolling around in the boot and frugal enough to not worry about refueling all day.

One down side? We couldn’t hook up the tripod and the camera in the back to shoot any film. Oh well…. next time! >>>

Keep an eye out in EVO Middle East Magazine for car (the Macca that is) in all it’s glory.

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