The Management Fleet. VW Scirocco. Quick update

The honeymoon period is still well and truly in full swing with the sexy ‘Rocco. It’s just gone sailing past 1000kms in our hands (1522Kms total) and it still instills the same excitement and fun every time I, or a member of the team hop behind the wheel. I must confess though that I’ve been a bit sensitive with it during the ‘run in’ period, however times are a changing. I’m now feeling a bit happier to give it the full beans and stretch it’s legs out on a ride to and from the office.

The ride and handling is exceptional for a little FWD coupe, even with the mundane roads we have around the city in Dubai. I’m actually finding myself hitting the on and off ramps/clover leaves just for the giggle of it. Oh, and the burp out of the exhaust on full chat up-shifts is actually quite intoxicating. Nowt like that of the 458 for instance, but super cool none the less.

I’ve got a couple of tests coming up for the car in the next couple of weeks, so hopefully it will perform admirably.

Stand by to find out >>>



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