Porsche 991 GT3. Sticking With Manual

We can hear the clapping from all around. Word is, that Porsche are not following the lead set by many sports car companies, and will be sticking with the old school method of swapping cogs.

0-60 have brought to light a recent interview that took place with Motor Trend,  where Porsche CEO Matthias Muller said that his company would continue to build manual cars so long as customers kept on buying them. So if that’s the case, we have no need to worry for a long long time. Even if 90% of Porsche sold across the middle east have the lazy box fitted.

Muller also let slide that t the 991-edition GT3 would not offer a PDK.. a topic that has been hacking around the net and Porsche forums with varying degrees of accpetance and rejection.

[via Motor Trend – 0-60mag.com]

killer pic via teamspeed

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