Out on the Street. Candy Goodness

The continuing desire to wrap vehicles brings with it something very interesting. The push to break the boundaries of what is feasible when it comes to colours and materials. As an example, Fibrafoil, right here in Dubai, have been pushing those boundaries for the past 12 months. Utilising new tech, materials and generally letting their hair hang out, much to the enjoyment of the customers that continue to flock through the door.

One such customer is the chap that owns both of these candy specials. We say special, as the art team within Fibrafoil are now producing a very clever range of Candy Foils that look mind blowing in the light of day (or under the fake lights at night). I’m sure there is a good chance you will have seen pics and videos of these two prowling the streets of Dubai, in particular the valet at Mall of the Emirates and Dubai Mall. However, for those that haven’t, don’t be shocked… it’s different and cool >>>

source – PRINCE MOODA, Flickr

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