MINI Cooper S Coupe. Roof Chopped

The MINI Cooper S Coupe – MINI’s new two-door, two-seater, slightly controversial looking coupe, breezed through our offices last week and caused us all a bit of a problem. On the face of it, it might be slightly perplexing that this car even exists, however when you dig a bit deeper into the economics of the brand and the product you can been to appreciate its reason in life.

Yes it looks like a standard MINI hatch with a roof chop, but there are subtle changes hidden away under the skin. MINI have taken the strengthened chassis from the Mini Convertible, and although the support struts on the chassis add a little weight (25kg to be exact), you would never know as the weight is hidden away at the lowest point of the car aiding the centre of gravity. The springs and dampers have all been uprated to compensate as well.

That cheeky little rear spoiler pops it’s head up at just over 88kph and pops back down again as the speed drops below 40kph. If you want to act all racy you can manually operate it through a switch on the roof console. When it is raised up at high speed it generates much needed extra downforce and helps keep the slippery shape – afforded by the raked windscreen – stuck to the road.

That extra svelte side profile also gives the interior a nice twist and surprisingly makes it feel a bit more special than other Minis. Not only that but dramatically reduces wind noise.

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  1. Great car! Really great! Anyone who doesn’t like it, look somewhere else and buy a VW Polo or something else boring ;-).

  2. Marmite for sure.

    Don’t care if it is a it better at some aspects when driving, it’s a pointless, ugly little thing! It would have been better left on the drawing board as nothing more than a silly idea one of the designers had.