Cadillac’s ATS. Nürburgring Action. Testing

General Motors and more importantly, Cadillac, have been out pounding the tarmac again, at the world renowned Nürburgring Nordschleife. Bragging rights are high, numbers mean everything and at the end of it, you and I (Mr and Mrs Consumer) get ourselves a mighty machine capable of shifting expectations of what a Cadillac really is.

So we agree, the miles of undulating tarmac found at Germany’s most famous racetrack aren’t the only reason car manufacturers test there. Yes the car can be put through rigours never found anywhere else, but there is something extra special and intangible to be had here. It is super cool to most people to know that your daily driver is capable of hustling itself around one of the greatest stretches of tarmac known to man! Well… we certainly think so.

The ATS, looks like it’s going to be dynamic and certainly paints a very exciting picture about the possibilities of the V-Spec version >>>

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