BMW Z3. Add an M5 V10 Engine and hold on

Take one BMW Z3 M Coupe and then add an M5 V10 motor with all the toys. It was never really going to be slow was it? But 0-200mph in 18 seconds!? Awesome…

5.0 v10 s85b50 M6 engine, SMG gearbox. M6 rear suspension, M6 Differential, AP Racing breaks 362mm/front 370mm/rear, shocks Intrax RS, Performance cooling system. Light weight body including fenders, hood, dors. Tyres – Slick.

hat tip – o-60

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    • With the added weight to the front, to much pressure on the front brakes can cause the rear end to become light. Much like sticking a h-22 in a civic hatchback. By shifting brake bias to the rear, yes the car can be harder and more swirly to stop but can be correct just my doing straight line braking as opposed to braking into the turn.