Audi A7. Slinky Sally

The car industry is in an odd place. It’s all about the niche and ensuring every single hole in a product line up is covered off. Mind you, when the niche product that pops out is the Audi A7, that’s no bad thing. For the rest of the brands out there, thought is all is needed.

Nailing that genuine niche in the market is the automotive equivalent of striking black liquid gold. Audi is one company in particular that has been hunting for that niche year on year for as long as I can remember. Their model line up is more than double what it was and the collection of sportbacks, crossovers, coupes keeps increasing, each hoping to land the gold star and become the must have toy. This is not solely restricted to Audi by any stretch – have a look at BMW, Mercedes etc. However what Audi continue to do (in between some oddities) is keep nailing some mega cars. The A7 being one of them.

So the A7 Sportback. Not really a niche finder but a car built to tackle one that Mercedes have already been gifted as creating – The slinky saloon sector. Sometimes not offering something entirely unique is the way forward.  It very clear from all the marketing gumph that this car is out for the CLS and the market it has so successfully opened up. So what’s it like then?

Which is strange as it isn’t really a direct rival. The CLS is a big coupe four-door saloon and the A7 is more a coupe-style hatch and in turn a five-door. If you are sharp with your Audi line-up, the A7 is to the A6 what the A5 Sportback is to the A4. The sexier version.. and yes I know that simplifies everything a little bit.

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