Nissan Patrol // Crazy Skids // Qatar?

There has been a lot of main stream media interest in the crazy activities happening on the roads around Dubai over the last couple of months. To be honest, it made such an impact that the global media picked the stories up and went to press in complete shock that people where getting away with driving with such reckless abandon.

First it was the two gents fooling around on two wheels in their Patrols and Cruisers and only the other day, a chap was seen on the main highway running through Dubai, stood up while doing a wheelie on his bike. All good skills and if I’m being honest, a skill that should be harnessed by the local government, but that’s another story.

Now all the activity that has been dribbling onto the roads and highways around the region has to stem from somewhere right? So when you see something like this…do you really think it isn’t going to happen every so often? I still remember watching street racing 10 years ago on Sheikh Zayed Road and with bonkers stuff like this going on, I really don’t see it stopping until it’s controlled and harnessed.


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  1. Man! governments should punish such acts by imprisoning them in Yas Driving School for a Month!